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Recipe ideas for your 6/26 CSA box

Good afternoon all,

Here are some recipe ideas for your 6/26 CSA Box:

This week some of you will get Poblano peppers ( and some of you will receive Anaheim peppers (Anaheim Peppers, A Mild, Versatile California Chile ( Both of these peppers are mild chiles that feature in classic Mexican and southwest cuisine.

Pablano peppers are often the basis for Classic Chiles Rellenos - Recipe - Chili Pepper Madness, but are also used in more modern interpretations such as this: Poblano Chiles Stuffed With Picadillo | Hispanic Food Network.

Anaheims (Anaheim Peppers, A Mild, Versatile California Chile ( are named after a town in Southern California where they were first grown commercially by Emilio Ortega. Their actual origin is from New Mexico where a hotter version sometimes called New Mexico Chilis have been made famous under the name "Hatch Chilis" named for the New Mexico town that produces them commercially. These can be used interchangeably with Poblanos in the recipes above or this one: Southwest Anaheim Stuffed Peppers - I Am Homesteader. They can also be added to your omelet or used where you would use bell peppers (plus a little extra zip.)

Speaking of bell peppers, we will include some in your box this week. They may not look like what you are accustomed to (purple peppers??), and no my name is not Peter. These peppers are just starting to mature, but I thought it would be fun to include some. Most colored peppers start off life green and then turn colors. These peppers are never green, but they are delicious.

Speaking of zip, you will also get some jalapeños this week, which will give you an nice option for the treat I have been most excited to share with you.

Tomatoes! We finally have enough ripe ones to include a few in boxes this week. I know there are only a few in there, but before long we will be harvesting them by the bushel. The first ones are always the most anticipated, so I did not think it was fair to wait! We like recipes like this for salsa: Fresh California Salsa Recipe | Allrecipes, but you can get creative. For example, if you have any scapes left from last week, this would be a good use for the tender parts.

In the micro-green department, we have some basil for those of you who prefer an Italian approach to fresh tomatoes, or just love basil on your salad.

Of course we will include salad greens this week, and we plan to include lettuce of some kind each week unless something goes horribly wrong, but this week we will also include our first Kale harvest. We love kale on salads, but it is also a great addition to soup and pasta when used like spinach. We also love this Greek salad idea: Kale Greek Salad | Fooducate. Try this one now or hold on to it for when we have Kale, Tomatoes, and Cucumbers in our boxes!

I hope you are hungry after this, I sure am!

Thank you for being part of The Wegener Farm!

Warm regards,



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