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Our Story

We are Rob, Cheryl and Matthew of The Wegener Farm.  2020 was a year of transition and learning for our family.  The death of our fourteen year old daughter, a global pandemic and empty grocery store shelves made us think in new ways about health (physical, mental, and spiritual) and about food.  We were reminded that there is no more precious gift than health, and no more important factor in health than what we eat.  In 2021 we embarked on a new mission... to provide our community with nutrient-dense fresh food that is locally and sustainably raised.  The Wegener Farm was born.

In the fall of 2020 we purchased 18 acres in Tyrone township with little more than a vision.  I fell in love with property instantly, particularly with the rolling hills, the low wetlands, the abundant wildlife, and the mature fruit trees.  Joan, the lady that we purchased it from, was the matriarch of a family that has since gone its way.  The history of this place is told by the old pole barn with tell-tale knaw marks that horses make on the wood of the stalls, the nesting boxes and old chicken run, the pig shed with concrete troughs poured in the floor, old bee keeping equipment around the place, and the old, rusty chisel plow in the side woods. Joan and her family had owned this place since it was built, but it had not been a working farm in many decades.  Now we are bringing it back to life! 

I feel a sense of responsibility to this land, and I have a deep feeling of peace whenever I am on it.  We plan to keep the history, and give it a new coat of paint.  We are renovating the old farm house with the hope of moving in this summer, we we will also renovate the old barn and the pig shed.  There are also modern additions though in the form of a high-tech greenhouse and a new shed to store farm equipment and to host my woodworking shop (more to come).

There is certainly a lot to do, and a lot of it is in progress. I am so excited to keep you all up to date!

Combine Harvester on Field
Harvesting Crop Field
Hay Bales
Harvesting Wheat
Inside Greenhouse
About Us: Our Farm
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