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Our hearts and our prayers go out

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The Wegener Farm is not a political organization, but we are a human one.

Death and disruption were at the heart of the creation of The Wegener Farm. Most of you have read the story by now, the one about how the death of our Madison (you can read Madison's story here: and empty shelves caused by supply chain disruptions during covid changed our thinking about spiritual and physical health. In our case, the death of our daughter was one that happened in spite of expenditure of tremendous amounts of resources and the best efforts of some of the smartest people in the world over the course of eight years. We did everything we could, and so did she. We have nothing to second guess. Her illness was undeserved and unfair, but it was random, not caused by anything in particular.

In Ukraine right now, there are parents who are also saying goodbye to their children. The difference is, the root cause of their deaths are known. The root cause is the opposite of human. I do not pretend to understand global politics, information warfare, or man's innate and inbred imperialistic impulses. What I do know about is grief. When Madison died, I knew that is was no one's fault. I can tell you that in spite of this I was furious with the nurses and doctors who could not save her, and with the Good Lord himself for burdening her with this. While the big guy and I are starting to get back on speaking terms, and he has certainly blessed what we are doing here at the farm, I still have a very difficult time rationalizing what I see as some very bad decision making on his part. I can imagine this is only a fraction of what those Ukrainian parents must feel about the completely preventable deaths of their children.

As I sit here in the little corner of my world, nurturing the plants that I am so happy to be growing to feed you all, I shed tears for those parents. I pray that they can somehow find some comfort in the crazy and I pray that someday we as a species find a way to get to a place where we just stop doing this to each other.

Please take a moment out of your day to think of those people. Pray for them if you pray, or just send good vibes their way. There are a million ways to contribute financially and, if it is in your heart, please consider using one of them to feed those who survive.

Bless you all, and thank you again for being part of The Wegener Farm.

Warm regards,

Rob (your personal farmer)

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